The outcomes of the Study can be summarised as:

Project feasible
Ultimate route identified
Preferred cross section & footprint identified
Bridge configuration identified
Staging identified
Concept plans prepared
Order of cost identified


Ultimate RouteUltimate route

The Study has recommended that the ultimate route (long-term 20+ years) for linking North Ipswich and Booval is:
Lawrence St–bridge–Norman St–Jacaranda St–Wattle St–bridge–Hamilton St

The Study also recommends:

  • • In the longer term Jacaranda Street and Wattle Street will need to be four lanes.
    • The bridge be designed to ensure it will not be covered with water during times of major flood events.

To see the Ultimate route layout, click here.




Additional Details


High level bridge over the Bremer River at the end of Norman St with an elevated viaduct structure across Cribb Park. 

• The viaduct structure would have a surface level of between 3 to 8 metres above Cribb Park and allow pedestrian access underneath;

• The existing sports fields in Cribb Park would require relocation to the south using the existing Canning Street road reserve;

• The bridge would be designed to ensure it is trafficable during a Q100 flood event.

Western The western connection between Downs St and the bridge via Lawrence St. 

• Works along Lawrence Street would include four lanes, bicycle lanes, the installation of traffic signals at Downs St & Pine St and other safety treatments. 

• The existing centre median parking along Lawrence St (east of Downs St) would be removed with a parking lane on the southern side retained.

Central Upgrade / reconfigure Norman St, Jacaranda St - Wattle St to accommodate four through lanes.

• Jacaranda St - Wattle St to be reconfigured with a nominal 26m wide road reserve that includes bicycle lanes, pathways and a narrow median. 

• Works along Norman St would include the installation of traffic signals at Blackall St.

• Works along Jacaranda St - Wattle St would include:­
- installation of traffic signals at (i) Leslie St (ii) Cook St and (iii) Bergin St;
- capacity upgrades at the intersections of Chermside Rd and North Station Rd;
- other safety treatments

• Access into and out of some side streets along Jacaranda St - Wattle St will be modified or restricted for network safety and efficiency reasons.

Eastern Extend Wattle St over the Ipswich rail line with a new bridge & connect to Brisbane Rd via Hamilton St.

• 4 lanes

• Works would include:
-  restricting turning movements at the Hamilton St / Clifton St intersection to left-in / left-out;
-  capacity upgrades at the Brisbane Rd / Hamilton St signalised intersection; and
-  other safety treatments


Stage 1Stage 1

An interim “Stage 1” approach was identified in the Study where the new bridge and roadworks could be constructed in the shorter term connecting Downs Street and Chermside Road. Jacaranda Street would remain as a two lane road.

Stage 1 works would require the “Five Ways” to be reconfigured to a “Four Ways” to ensure it can operate safely and effectively.

Traffic signals would also be installed at the intersection of Brisbane Road and Dudleigh Street and a roundabout at the intersection of Wattle Street and Dudleigh Street.

To see the interim (Stage 1) layout, click here.

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